Current Courses

ENGL 101: Composition I

Welcome to ENGL 101 at the University of Wisconsin—Stout! This is a foundational writing course intended to develop the writing, reading, and critical thinking skills that are vital to your long-term personal, academic, and professional success.  During this semester we will be reading, writing, and discussing texts that engage with a variety of topics—some of which may be familiar, and others may be new. Our goals are to think critically about and respond thoughtfully to the concepts contained within the texts you encounter, and to articulate your original thoughts within the larger conversation.

ENGL 245: Creative Writing (Online)

Welcome to English 245: Creative Writing.  Throughout this term students will be introduced to the conventions that govern four major genres—poetry, fiction, drama, and creative non-fiction. Students will engage with readings and analyze the works of authors within each of the major genres that are addressed.

ENGL 320: Professional and Technical Communication